SUN COLLAGEN GOLD Peptides is a high quality light golden powder that dissolves easily.  Ideal for mixing into almost any regularly consumed food or beverage.

Collagen Peptides contain 18 Amino Acids and offers exceptional nutritional properties not  found in other protein sources. are beneficial to muscles, bones, joints, hair, nails & skin.

DAILY DOSE: 10 000mg COLLAGEN.  Halaal & Kosher certified

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The SUN COLLAGEN GOLD peptides are unique with the added benefits to protect the body against UV-Rays (Lutein protects the eyes), French Maritime Pine bark protects the skin against UV), Added Vit C & D, Coenzyme Q10, Fibre & MSM (Anti-inflammatory).

Benefits for:


Hair & Nails




Healthy Ageing

* Daily dose contains approximately:

Bones10000mg – Hydrolysed Collagen

140mg – Vitamin C

7mg – Lutein (Marigold extract)

70mg – MSM

140mg – Maritime Pine bark extract 4:1

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SUNSKIN – the holistic approach to care for and protect the skin

SUNSKIN’S portfolio of products offers scientifically superior sunscreens which includes protection shields against UVA & UVB rays, high-energy visible (HEV) light, IR-A (infrared) rays and environmental elements and pollution.

Long term skin damage is caused by environmental elements such as the sun, dust, pollen, sweat, smoke, pollution, etc.  The main contributor to skin aging is the sun.  The sun contributes about 80% to the skin aging process.

Daily protection of the skin using sun care products prior to sun & blue light exposure from electronic devices is absolutely essential against UV damage, premature ageing and health conditions such as skin cancer.