Tsedeq (Hebrew) – noun | Phonetic: (tseh’dek) | Meaning: Righteousness

The word ‘Tsedeq’ occurs more than 250 times in the Old Testament and is used to describe the judgments of the Judges who were to make decisions on the basis of the truth without partiality. It is applied to all kinds of standards, from weights to ethical conduct. But the real emphasis behind this word is its implication that the ultimate test of righteousness is man’s obedience to the ordinances of God.

Situated in Bellville and established in 2009, Tsedeq™ is an exclusive beauty clinic, offering clients a wide range of quality treatments, combined with specialized products, personal attention, quality treatments and excellent service in a peaceful environment.

We understand the art of attending to all your beauty requirements, ranging from hydrating & rejuvenating skin treatments, relaxing, luxury massages & body treatments, manicures, pedicures, gel & acrylic nail enhancements, threading, waxing, tinting, professional make-up applications & one-on-one make-up lessons.

Our aim is to maximize beauty, preserve youthfulness and improve well-being through professional service and top quality treatments. Our ongoing, meticulous international training ensures a sophisticated approach to skin & body wellness.

Your experience with us will not only make you feel great, but will deliver results! You’ll desire to come back again and again! We look forward to seeing you at Tsedeq™.

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Tel: 082 931 0459
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Tuesday – Friday – 09:00 – 19:00
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