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Permanent makeup is a revolutionary, 95% pain free non-surgical procedure known as micropigmentation or intradermal cosmetic tattooing whereby a small amount of pigment is skilfully implanted under the top layer of the skin to simulate natural makeup.  The skin then heals over the implanted pigment, effectively sealing the colour and creating a waterproof barrier. The goal is to enhance, beautify and give your facial features an aesthetically pleasing shape and colour through the use of natural looking permanent makeup techniques, giving you several blissful years of care-free, waterproof, run- and smudge proof wear!

Every procedure requires a perfection session six weeks from the original procedure; thus allowing us to see how the enhancement healed and if any adjustments is required.  Permanent makeup’s permanence is determined by many variables such as environmental factors (i.e. sun exposure),personal skincare and medication. On average, permanent makeup lasts 3-5 years and microblading 1-2 years.

Permanent makeup is not just about colouring eyes and lips.  Our protocols are medically proven, completely safe and specially designed to include scar & vitiligo camouflage, areola and nipple restoration and aimed at improving injuries such as burns, trauma- and surgery scars.

We use the highest quality pigments (Premier pigments  which is specially formulated to be hypo-allergenic, MRI safe and fade resistant and registered with the Alliance of Safe Practice in the USA), anaesthetics, tools, machines and procedures to ensure optimal comfort, safety and long term results.

If you are interested and have questions, remember that all procedures come with a 45 minute consultation where we discuss and collaborate on the perfect plan of action to bring the best version of you forward!

Permanent makeup prices
Brows Microblading or ombré R2400
Eyeliner natural (top OR bottom) R1300
Eyeliner natural (top AND bottom) R2500
Designer eyeliner (top) R1600
Full vibrant lips R3400
Designer lip liner R2300
Vitiligo coverage from R650
3D Areola re-creation R3350
Scalp (hair tattoo) from R650
Touch up  ((applicable only to work done by Tsedeq™) from R650
Corrections (any work not done by Tsedeq™) POQ
Consultation R250
Female getting her eyebrows ombre powdered
Female getting stencil drawn on her eyebrows for shape
Female with red lips pouting and with red nails

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