mTDNA 7 Shampoo for Women is a deep cleansing scalp balancing shampoo and is identified by its red color and clear gel-like consistency. DHT is present in sebum & sweat and is secreted onto the scalp via the sebaceous glands. This results in the spreading of DHT to other follicles and exacerbating the problem if not removed.

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Our deep cleansing shampoo is specifically formulated to assist in removing sebum and thus bacteria on the scalp, without drying out the scalp. These scalp cleansers are designed for frequent use, and it is recommended to shampoo as often as possible to prevent the spreading and infecting of other follicles on the scalp.

One of the key ingredients present in our shampoo is Nigella Sativa extract, an ingredient that assists in the reduction of inflammation, inhibits surface DHT, inhibits Prostaglanding D2 and removes unwanted bacteria. This signature ingredient is also directly responsible for improved cellular communication, resulting in renewed signal activity at a cellular level. This shampoo is infused with a rich exotic cashmere spice fragrance and added PCA’s for improved moisture and conditioning properties.

Ideal for medium to dry hair. This shampoo is also ideal for any scalp irregularities such as oily or dry itchy scalp.  High levels of ingredients directly responsible for restoring optimum health to the scalp and sebaceous glands.

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Newtrino is an Advanced Densifying Hair Care collection formulated and endorsed by Trichologist; Raphael Tome. With key ingredients including Procapil®, AnaGain® and our Newtrino ™ Proprietary Herbal Blend, we are able to remove the blockages surrounding the follicle and renew cellular communication between the body and hair whilst nourishing and replenishing the hair and follicle with a highly concentrated herbal compound that anchors the hair deeper for longer, prolongs the growing  cycle, shortens the shedding cycle and increases hair density by 121%.