mtDNA 7 Conditioner is a rich, creamy replenishing and nourishing conditioner  identified by its thick white consistency. The mtDNA 7 Conditioner for women is scientifically formulated to assist in regulating sebum production, and will further assist with scalp irregularities such as oily scalp and bacteria due to high levels of the signature ingredient; Green Tea extract.

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Green Tea has been clinically trialed to assist in the inhibition of surface DHT due to its ability to inhibit the hormone. Additionally, Green Tea has high levels of antioxidants specifically designed to fight and eradicate free radicals that cause an unhealthy environment on the scalp.

The mtDNA 7 Conditioner is specifically designed to complete the Newtrino ™ 2 step cleansing process, assisting in regulating the pH level resulting in a balanced, clean, refreshed scalp and improved overall condition of the scalp after every use.

The mtDNA 7 Conditioner for women contains added moisture and conditioning retaining agents that instantly soften and improve the overall condition of the hair after every use. It is imperative to condition the scalp to assist in regulating any scalp irregularities and to balance the pH level around the follicle.


mtDNA 7 Conditioner for women is a thick creamy consistency and must be evenly applied across the hair and scalp for optimum results. Evenly divide the hair into 2 parts across the scalp from the forehead to the nape of your neck, creating 2 separate ponytails of hair on either side of your head. Gently squeeze out any excess moisture, ensuring the hair is not dripping wet. Decant a 50mm coin size onto dry hands, ensuring the product is spread evenly onto both hands. Apply the conditioner directly onto the ends of both ponytails, thoroughly working the conditioner into the hair with your hands and fingertips. Gradually work your way up toward your scalp, all the way up till your forehead. Gently comb with a wet brush, starting at the ends and working your way up toward your scalp and forehead. Gently and evenly comb your hair from root to tip for 1 minute, ensuring any excess conditioner is transferred back onto the hair from the wet brush. Rinse with cool filtered water.

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Newtrino is an Advanced Densifying Hair Care collection formulated and endorsed by Trichologist; Raphael Tome. With key ingredients including Procapil®, AnaGain® and our Newtrino ™ Proprietary Herbal Blend, we are able to remove the blockages surrounding the follicle and renew cellular communication between the body and hair whilst nourishing and replenishing the hair and follicle with a highly concentrated herbal compound that anchors the hair deeper for longer, prolongs the growing  cycle, shortens the shedding cycle and increases hair density by 121%.