Patricia Clarke body contouring wrap

Full body wrap (90 min session) R590
Full body wrap – course of 6 sessions R3 200

Lose 18 – 80 cm in 90 minutes with Patricia Clarke detoxifying, contouring body wraps!

Thirty years ago, in a clinic in Switzerland, bandages were removed from the limbs of an arthritic patient. A new gel was being tried for the ailment, it worked, but what was more astounding was the fact that where the gel and bandages were placed, there was a noticeable centimeter loss in the size of the limb. Working with a top organic chemist, they dramatically improved on this formula, now known as Patricia Clarke gel, which gave rise to Patricia Clarke body contouring wraps.

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FAQ about Patricia Clarke body contouring wrap

The present much improved gel was first used 30 years ago and since then, its effectiveness has been extensively tested with overwhelming acclaim. The ingredients fully comply with CFTA of South Africa and the DTI United Kingdom. Use of the gel has found to be free of any detrimental side effects.

Patricia Clarke gel is a hypo allergenic detoxifying, anti cellulite tightening & firming gel. Its success is due to the powerful formulation of specially selected plant extracts and liposomes which compliment and act in synergy with each other to create quick and successful centimeter loss. This action is accelerated by the use of contouring pressure ie. Full Body Wrap or by using the home care kit. Patricia Clarke gel is also used by plastic surgeons to aid the contouring process.

The gel contains only pure plant extracts. Some of the active ingredients in Patricia Clarke gel are: Retinol, Green tea, Pineapple extract, Geranium, Vitamin E, Horse Chestnut, Fennel, Peppermint, Willow Bark, Aloe Vera, Camphor, Carrot, Mallow, Ginseng and Papaya to name a few. Patricia Clarke gel contains no chemicals and is not tested on animals.

Lose 18 – 80 cm during a 90 minute full body wrap. To start with, your measurements are taken and recorded on a body chart.

Patricia Clarke gel is applied to the problem areas and neoprene bandages are then bound around you. For the next hour you lie still and relax throughout the treatment. The wraps are then removed, you are re-measured and the startling loss will be clearly recorded.

Unlike weight loss treatments that depend on body perspiration for their effects, normal drinking does not damage the achievements nor replace the lost centimeters. This is not a sweat loss technique. So with a correct eating plan, there is no time limitation on how long you remain looking thin.

A series of six to eight wraps, one to two a week are recommended, depending on your personal goals.

  • A visible and measurable centimeter loss in just 90 minutes.
  • Reduction of cellulite and fading of stretch marks and dimples.
  • Detoxification – leaving you feeling lifted and cleansed.
  • Guaranteed centimeter loss of 18 – 20 centimeters in your first treatment.

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