Semi-Permanent Makeup Lips

Are your lips thinning or losing definition?  Are you tired of constantly re-applying your lip makeup all day?   You want to have a smudge proof, defined pout, but you have many concerns regarding semi-permanent makeup.

At Tsedeq™ naturalbeautyandskincare, we are able to enhance the look of your lips with a wide range of colours allowing you to look your best all day and night.  We offer a wide selection of colours, with natural pink and red shades always being everyone’s first choice!

Semi-permanent lip makeup will accentuate the natural beauty and fullness of your lips.  By adding defined shape to the lips and mouth, the semi-permanent lip liner will act as a frame.  Our advanced techniques can correct the shape of your lips to make them appear more balanced and symmetrical.  Uneven lip sizes can be adjusted by to balance thickness.  Definition can be added to minimize the appearance of fine lines to add to a fresh and more youthful appearance.

Although your lips will be a little red for 3-4 days, it will not be so bad that you won’t be able to leave the house after the treatment.  And even the redness can be worked to your advantage with the right outfit!  After a couple of days, the redness will fade and your lips will look healthily bright even when you wore no makeup besides a touch of lip gloss.

The best results can be seen in people who have:
  • Lips that have a naturally pale colour
  • Lips that have sustained trauma or an injury so that they have lost their natural colour
  • Lips that have a naturally bluish tint
  • Lips that have lost their natural colour due to an over-application of makeup
  • Lips that do not have a definite shape
Permanent makeup prices
Brows Microblading or ombré R2400
Eyeliner natural (top OR bottom) R1300
Eyeliner natural (top AND bottom) R2500
Designer eyeliner (top) R1600
Full vibrant lips R3400
Designer lip liner R2300
Vitiligo coverage from R650
3D Areola re-creation R3350
Scalp (hair tattoo) from R650
Touch up  ((applicable only to work done by Tsedeq™) from R650
Corrections (any work not done by Tsedeq™) POQ
Consultation R250
Lips pink lips getting a pigmentation injection
Makeup lips several sets of red lips with different scales

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